December 2013
Date Title
12/12/13 Hopes for a transformative president - Politico
November 2013
Date Title
11/30/13 Dianne Feinstein: On gun control, finish the work we started - San Jose Mercury News
11/10/13 Conserve desert or build solar? Let’s do both - Riverside Press-Enterprise
11/2/13 NSA call-records program is prudence, not prying - San Francisco Chronicle
October 2013
Date Title
10/20/13 Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Continue NSA call-records program - USA Today
10/14/13 The NSA's Watchfulness Protects America - Wall Street Journal
10/9/13 The Senate Has San Diego’s Monarch School in its Crosshairs - Voice of San Diego
September 2013
Date Title
9/22/13 Dianne Feinstein/Deborah Hersman: Time to bring railroad safety systems into the 21st century - Ventura County Star
August 2013
Date Title
8/14/13 Feinstein and Durbin: How to close Gitmo - Los Angeles Times
July 2013
Date Title
7/31/13 Make NSA programs more transparent - Washington Post
7/29/13 Another View: Sensible waste storage needed - Sacramento Bee
7/10/13 U.S. Shouldn't Abandon Counternarcotics Effort in Afghanistan - Huffington Post
June 2013
Date Title
6/14/13 Dianne Feinstein: California needs more water storage to end conflicts, bolster its economy - Sacramento Bee
May 2013
Date Title
5/2/13 Federal Courts Should be Venue of Choice to Prosecute Terrorists Captured in U.S. - Huffington Post
March 2013
Date Title
3/21/13 Feinstein: A better path to justice - Los Angeles Times
February 2013
Date Title
2/22/13 Dianne Feinstein: The truth about new assault weapons ban - Orange County Register
December 2012
Date Title
12/12/12 Guaranteeing Due Process for Citizens and Lawful Residents - Huffington Post
November 2012
Date Title
11/13/12 Fiscal cliff: California would lose big - San Francisco Chronicle
October 2012
Date Title
10/22/12 U.S. can't halt progress on fuel economy - San Jose Mercury News
10/17/12 Malala Tragedy Reveals Plight of AfPak Girls - Huffington Post
August 2012
Date Title
8/14/12 Reader Rebuttal: Cyber security legislation - Orange County Register
July 2012
Date Title
7/29/12 Feinstein presses for assault weapons ban - San Francisco Chronicle
May 2012
Date Title
5/24/12 Senator: What I saw in Afghanistan - San Diego Union Tribune
April 2012
Date Title
4/30/12 Diplomacy offers best hope for Iran on nuclear arms - San Francisco Chronicle
4/25/12 Secure infrastructure networks now - The Hill