The Environment

California is home to some of the most striking vistas and significant environmental resources in the world—from the incomparable beauty of Lake Tahoe to the rugged landscapes of the Mojave Desert.

During her time in the Senate, Senator Feinstein has worked to preserve those and other natural resources in California and across the country for the enjoyment of future generations.

Today, global warming is another top environmental priority, which is why Senator Feinstein is working on a comprehensive package of legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors of the economy.

Read about global warming in this booklet: Climate Change: A Time to Act.

She is also working hard to promote a balanced energy policy that will meet the needs of California, while ensuring that our nation’s natural treasures are protected.


  • Combating global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions—the primary cause of climate change—from across all sectors of the economy.
  • Cleaning up perchlorate in our food and water supply.
  • Restoring our most cherished national parks to prepare for the National Park Service’s Centennial in 2016.
  • Enacting bills to protect Lake Tahoe and the Mojave Desert.


  • The California Desert Protection Act: Preserving over 7 million acres of pristine California desert.
  • A new CALFED framework to improve water supply in the West.
  • Protecting our nation's endangered forests with funding for hazardous fuels reduction and other preventive measures.
  • Enacting the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act.
  • Raising substantial private funds to supplement public monies topurchase the San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds and begin their restoration as natural wetlands.
  • Protecting the Redwoods of the Headwaters Forest.

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