Feinstein, Enzi Introduce Bill to Reauthorize Breast Cancer Research Stamp

The breast cancer research stamp has raised $80.4 million for breast cancer research since its creation in 1998. Click For More

Senate Approves Provisions from Feinstein, Portman Human Trafficking Bill

Provisions from Senator Feinstein's Combat Human Trafficking Act, which were designed to reduce the demand for sex trafficking, passed the Senate. Click For More

Intelligence Committee Introduces Cyber Bill, Addresses Privacy Concerns

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (S.754) creates additional incentives to increase sharing of cybersecurity threat information, while protecting individual privacy and civil liberties interests and offering liability protection to the private sector. Click For More

Feinstein Introduces California Desert Protection Bill

The California Desert Conservation and Recreation Act would protect additional land and help manage California’s desert resources by carefully balancing conservation, recreation and renewable energy development. Click For More

Intel Committee Releases CIA Detention, Interrogation Report

Senator Feinstein: “This document examines the CIA’s secret overseas detention of at least 119 individuals and the use of coercive interrogation techniques—in some cases amounting to torture.” Click For More

Senate Passes Bill to Improve Veterans’ Health Care

Senator Feinstein votes for Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act. “This bill is a significant step toward ensuring that veterans have timely access to health care.” Click For More

Senate Passes Drought Relief Bill

Senate passes Senator Feinstein's Emergency Drought Relief Act, a bill to help California farmers, businesses and communities suffering from historic drought conditions. Click For More

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Battling Breast Cancer

Feinstein supports the Breast Cancer Stamp, which she helped create in 1998.

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Combating Illegal Drugs

As co-chair of the Senate Drug Caucus, Feinstein oversees anti-narcotics initiatives.

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California's desert resources

Feinstein bill would ensure California desert is protected for generations to come.