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103rd Congress (1993-1994)

Assault Weapons Ban - Fought the gun lobby and won passage of a landmark ban on the manufacture and sale of 19 types of military-style assault weapons, including UZIs and AK-47s. (Sponsor - Senate Amendment 1152 to the Crime Bill, S.1607, P.L. 103-322, 9-13-94)

California Desert Protection Act - Protected more than 7 million acres of pristine California desert -- the largest such designation in the history of the continental United States -- and established the Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks and the East Mojave Natural Preserve. (Sponsor - S.21 - P.L. 103-433, 10-31-94)

Gun Free Schools Act - Set a "zero-tolerance" policy to keep America's schools gun-free by requiring all public schools to expel students who carry a gun to school. (Cosponsor with Senator Byron Dorgan - S.854, included in S.1513 Elementary and Secondary Education Reauthorization Act, 10-22-1994)

Hate Crimes Sentencing Act - Established new penalties for hate crimes based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability or sexual orientation. (Sponsor - S.1522, added as an amendment to the Crime Bill, S.1607, P.L. 103-322, 9-13-94)

Death Penalty/Carjacking - Permitted prosecutors to seek the death penalty for carjackers who cause death in the course of their crime. (Sponsor - Senate Amendment to the Crime Bill, S.1607, P.L. 103-322, 9-13-1994)

The Small Business Defense Conversion Guarantee Act - Provided $50 million in loan guarantee assistance, permitting small businesses to leverage $2 billion in private loans and create jobs in areas hard hit by defense downsizing. (Sponsor - S.1830, altered and offered as amendment to Defense Authorization Act, S.2182, P.L. 103-337, 10-5-94)

Northridge Earthquake - Provided $11 billion in federal disaster relief funds to help tens of thousands of victims of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. (Advocated inclusion in Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill - HR 3759, PL 103-211)