105th Congress

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105th Congress (1997-1998)

President's Executive Order to Stop Import of Assault Weapons - Helped block over 1.8 million of these guns from being sold on our streets by helping to convince President Clinton to sign an executive order to stop 59 types of cosmetically adjusted assault weapons from coming into the nation. (Requested President to issue executive order regarding assault weapons as defined in USC 18 925(d)3.)

The Breast Cancer Research Stamp - Raised more than $20 million for breast cancer research through the creation of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp, the first such postal stamp dedicated to raising funds to fight a disease. (Sponsor - S.726, folded into H.R.1585, P.L. 105-41, 8-13-97)

Breast Reconstruction Surgery - Required health insurance plans to pay for breast reconstruction surgery following mastectomies. (Cosponsor, S.249, portions of which were amended into the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, H.R.4328, P.L. 105-277, 10-21-98)

The Headwaters Forest Agreement - Secured $250 million in federal funds to match state funding and purchase the 7,500 acre Headwaters Forest, a national treasure and the largest privately held stand of uncut old-growth redwoods. The agreement also helped preserve 12 additional groves of ancient redwood trees and provided strong protections for the endangered marbled murrelet and coho salmon. (Advocated inclusion of funding in FY1998 Interior Appropriations Bill, H.R.2107, P.L. 105-83, H.R.2107); Supported AB1986, California legislation to provide matching funds; worked closely with all sides to make the agreement happen by the March 1, 1999 cut-off date)

Quincy Library Group - Established pilot timber management plan as proposed by the Quincy Library Group, a coalition of local environmentalists, timber industry representatives and local elected Northern California officials to help battle the danger of wildfires by establishing firebreaks in dense areas of the Lassen, Plumas and Tahoe National Forests and protect the California Spotted Owl and other endangered species. (Sponsor - S.1028, included in H.R.4328, P.L. 105-277, 10-21-98)

Preparing More Teachers - Expanded teacher training opportunities by providing Pell college grants to needy students enrolled in a fifth year of college, which is required in California to obtain a teaching credential. (Sponsor - Amendment to S.1882, folded into H.R.6, P.L.105-255, 10-7-98)

Restoring Benefits for Elderly Legal Immigrants - Spearheaded successful bipartisan effort to restores some of the important benefits that were unfairly eliminated by the 1996 Welfare Reform law, including Supplemental Security Income. (Sponsor - S.392, folded into H.R..2015, P.L.105-33, 8-5-97)

Hotline for Disease Research - Directed the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health to establish a toll-free number to help people with life-threatening diseases and the medical community learn about important new research and clinical trials. Now can be reached at www.clinicaltrials.gov (Sponsor - S.87, amended into S.830 FDA bill, P.L. 105-115, 11-21-97)