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Washington, DC U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today issued the following statement, condemning President Bush’s veto of potentially life-saving stem cell legislation that offered hope to millions of Americans suffering from catastrophic illnesses:

“The President today inked his first veto, and with that one act he dealt a crushing blow to millions of Americans suffering from Parkinson’s, diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses that could one day be cured.

For almost a decade now, this debate has been about hope. Hope of a scientific breakthrough for millions of patients and their families. Yet today, the President dashed those hopes.

The President tried to cushion this blow by stating that he supports stem cell research. But that is patently false. The legislation vetoed by the President this afternoon would have vastly enhanced the ability of scientists to discover potentially life-saving cures offered by embryonic stem cell research – all within the parameters of strict ethical guidelines.

It is a very sad day indeed.

Patients suffering from these catastrophic illnesses have already waited too long.  And because of the President’s veto, they will be forced to continue to wait indefinitely.

The need for stem cell research will not go away.   We will continue to fight the fight. We will continue to push in every way possible until we finally succeed.”