Press Releases

“The tragic deaths of these four brave Oakland police officers are a grim reminder of the dangers that our men and women in uniform face every day as they strive to make our streets safer.

Sergeants Dunakin, Romans and Sakai, and Officer Hege, exemplified the very best that we expect from those who wear the badge. Every day that they suited up for duty, they knew it could be their last day on Earth. But still they dedicated their lives to the pursuit of public safety and justice, and in the end they gave their lives for it.

Words cannot temper the grief of knowing that their lives have been cut short. We can find solace only in the fact that they died courageously, doing what they did best: bestowing pride and honor upon the badge. My thoughts are with the families of these officers, and with the entire Oakland Police Department, as the nation mourns this tremendous loss.”