Press Releases

“I fully support the Obama Administration’s decision to integrate the two biological opinions that currently govern endangered fish species in California’s Bay-Delta. California’s farming and fishing communities are in crisis and the situation merits the most robust science and sound resource management possible.

Integrating the two biological opinions – which between them contain 78 distinct actions to protect Delta smelt, salmon, steelhead and green sturgeon – not only makes good common sense, it was also recommended by the National Academy of Sciences in their recent report on the Delta. In fact, I have called for this action since 2008, when I urged then-Interior Secretary Kempthorne to take this step in an effort to more efficiently manage federal environmental protections while ensuring a reliable water supply for communities and farmers.

I applaud Secretaries Salazar and Locke for taking this big step forward to better manage the Delta’s complex ecosystem, and for working with the State of California to identify other near-term and scientific initiatives that will help improve water supply and uphold vital environmental protections.”