Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) issued the following statement after the Department of the Interior’s announcement that it would seek a stay on Judge Oliver Wanger’s ruling on Fall X2 (Delta salinity line):

“It is increasingly clear to me that key biological opinions done by the Department of the Interior are not based on sound science. 

“Judge Wanger found that the department’s proposal to release hundreds of thousands of acre feet of water in the hopes of identifying the ideal location for ocean water and fresh water to meet was not scientifically justified. In fact, the judge said ‘there is essentially no biological evidence to support’ the department’s plan.

“In addition, the ruling states that the Department of the Interior ‘completely abdicated [its] responsibility to consider reasonable alternatives to the Fall X2 action...’

“I strongly urge the department to heed the court’s message, develop a reasonable alternative that protects the smelt and water users and finally settle this matter.”