Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on ongoing problems within the Department of Veterans Affairs and the resignation of Eric Shinseki:

“Our veterans deserve everything our country can offer, from housing to job opportunities to health care. Unfortunately, it has become clear that there are systemic problems within the VA that must be addressed. Veterans are waiting too long for health care and it has become clear that some VA personnel are using deceptive practices to hide these egregious wait times. These problems are unacceptable and require immediate attention.

“Whoever heads up the Department of Veterans Affairs must have the authority to terminate negligent senior managers. The House passed a bill to provide this authority and the Senate should consider similar legislation as a first order of business. The only way we can ensure veterans receive the care they deserve is to have real accountability within the VA, from top to bottom.

“Eric Shinseki is a distinguished public servant, having risen through the ranks to become a four-star general and Army chief of staff. It is unfortunate he had to resign as head of Veterans Affairs before he was given the tools needed to truly reform the system. But our job now is to come together and find solutions to these problems. Our veterans deserve nothing less.”