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Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on President Trump’s budget request:

“President Trump’s budget not only fails to meet our nation’s priorities, it doesn’t honor the commitments Republicans made in last week’s budget agreement.

“The president continues to make his priorities clear, and they’re wrong for America, and wrong for California. After passing a massive $1.5 trillion tax cut for the rich, he’s now hitting middle-class families with skyrocketing deficits and draconian cuts to essential safety net programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

“And despite all his bluster about rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, the president’s budget guts funding to fix our roads, bridges and transit systems. Like so many of President Trump’s proposals, his rhetoric doesn’t match reality.”

President’s budget proposals

  • Fails to honor the bipartisan budget agreement by cutting $57 billion from non-defense spending while fully funding defense spending next year.

  • Cuts domestic spending by nearly $3 trillion including $550 billion from Medicare and more than $1.4 trillion from Medicaid over the next decade.

  • Eliminates funding for infrastructure development including the Community Development Block Grant and the Community Services Block Grant. California received more than $400 million from these programs last year.

  • Eliminates funding for TIGER grants, which allow state and local governments to partner directly with the federal government to improve transportation infrastructure. California received nearly $40 million.

  • Eliminates funding for the HOME Investment Partnership program which helps local governments build new affordable housing. California received nearly $130 million from this program last year.

  • Eliminates funding for climate change programs, including the EPA’s Climate Change Research and Partnership Programs. It also eliminates the Energy Star and Voluntary Climate Programs that help make more energy efficient products and lowers energy bills.

  • Eliminates programs that support domestic manufacturing and small business development, including the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program and the Economic Development Administration.

  • Slashes funding rural development programs, including water and waste disposal infrastructure assistance that is critical to low-income rural communities. In the aftermath of California’s devastating wildfires, these funds are even more critical.

  • Wastes $18 billion in U.S. taxpayer funding over the next two years on the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border that he claimed Mexico would pay for.