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Washington—Following calls by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) for an additional San Francisco Bay crossing, Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Executive Director Steve Heminger advised the Members that MTC will move forward with a study of a new “Southern Crossing.”

In a letter dated March 27, Heminger described expectations for continuing growth in the region and wrote to the members, “Based on these projections, MTC and our partners agree with the necessity to plan for a second Bay crossing.”

The members responded to Heminger in a letter released today stating: “We are pleased that you share our view about the need to plan for a new San Francisco Bay crossing and that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission will undertake a study of this concept. We hope that the MTC acts with urgency, and that, as part of its analysis, provides a detailed timeline of the study process, examines a scenario in which no new crossing is constructed, and considers technological innovation and multiple modes of transportation.”

An additional crossing would help reduce traffic through San Francisco and the East Bay, where the traffic patterns during the afternoon commute are the heaviest in the region. By MTC’s own analysis, the most congested freeway segments in the Bay Area are commutes northbound and eastbound on U.S. 101 and Interstate 80 from the I-280 interchange in San Francisco to the Bay Bridge’s Yerba Buena Island Tunnel. The next most congested route is the westbound direction on I-80, through the Bay Bridge, to Fremont Street.

Feinstein and DeSaulnier believe a “Southern Crossing” would do more than any other project to alleviate congestion in the region, resulting in moving people and goods more efficiently, harnessing the region’s culture of innovation and helping to maintain the quality of life that draws people and companies to the Bay Area.

A copy of the Member’s December 6th letter can be found here.
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A copy of the Member’s response, released today, can be found here.