Press Releases

Washington—Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement in reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision in an Ohio voting rights case:

“Today’s 5-4 decision to uphold an Ohio law that allows the state to purge eligible voters is yet another example of the Supreme Court undermining the right of all Americans to vote. Ohio’s law would allow the state—with little or no notice—to purge eligible voters if they missed voting in just one federal election.

“I’m extremely concerned about these decisions, including Shelby County v. Holder which overturned a key portion of the Voting Rights Act. We again see the Court in a 5-4 decision upholding a law that disproportionately affects minority and low-income voters. The right to vote is fundamental and all Americans should be concerned about laws that create new barriers to exercising that right.

“This decision should remind all Americans about the importance of our federal courts. Our courts affect all aspects of American life, including voting rights, women’s rights, civil rights and the rights of everyday Americans to hold wealthy corporations accountable. It’s deeply troubling that the 5-4 conservative majority continues to roll back hard fought gains in these areas time after time.”