Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement ahead of a California Air Resources Board hearing on a draft rule that would impose a zero-emissions sales requirement on truck manufacturers:

            “When California required in 1990 that car companies manufacture a minimum number of zero-emission vehicles as part of their total sales, it helped create a consumer market for electric vehicles that has helped decrease carbon emissions nationwide.

            “That’s why I hope the California Air Resources Board hearing will investigate how the state could expand on that landmark law to medium and heavy trucks.

            “Vehicles account for 41 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in California, and medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are the single-largest contributors of nitrogen oxide emissions. It only makes sense to expand the zero-emissions sales requirement in order to boost a market for trucks that don’t run on fossil fuels.

            “Climate change is leading to increasing threats to California.  We’re seeing the deadly effects of increasingly intense wildfire seasons and dangerous air quality. That’s why I urge the California Air Resources Board to approve a strong zero-emissions sales mandate for truck manufacturers. This would spur innovation, be good for our environment and good for our economy.”