Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on reports that the administration will loosen federal rules on methane gas emissions:

            “Reports today that the administration plans to loosen federal rules on the release of methane are extremely troubling. To roll back rules on this greenhouse gas, which has a damaging effect on the climate that is 34 times worse than carbon dioxide, would be incredibly irresponsible and wrong.

            “We’re already dealing with the effects of climate change in the form of more pronounced drought, deadlier wildfires, increasingly powerful hurricanes and dramatic temperature increases. Now is the time to tighten rules on these dangerous emissions, not loosen them.

            “I will look at all options available to block this new rule, whether in the courts or through a resolution of congressional disapproval.

            “Just as auto companies recently balked at the administration’s actions to roll back fuel economy standards, we’re seeing major petroleum companies voice their disapproval regarding relaxing these methane standards. I applaud the companies that have committed to voluntarily minimize methane emissions.

            “When both consumers and some of the largest gas companies support keeping these standards in place, there’s simply no reason to reverse them. We’re seeing the effects of climate change now and we need to take appropriate action, not accelerate carbon emissions.”