Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement on the interim trade deal reached with Japan:

            “The interim trade deal the administration has reached with Japan has good news for California agriculture. The agreement eliminates tariffs on California wine, something I advocated for in June. And it removes tariffs on other key specialty crops such as almonds, berries and nuts.

            “However, far too many farmers are still being hurt by the president’s trade policies. The trade war with China, for instance, has led to substantially lower agricultural exports from California farmers and risks doing long-term damage to our ability to compete.

            “In 2017, the United States exported around $19 billion worth of agricultural goods to China. Last year that number was down to $9 billion. That amount of loss in a key export market is simply not sustainable and will put farmers out of business.

            “We need to pursue trade policies that open the door for U.S. exports to compete overseas rather than pursuing ruinous trade wars. And we need to address our trade disputes with a coherent strategy that includes coordinating with our allies, which has proven effective in the past.

            “I’m hopeful this deal with Japan is a signal that the administration has recognized that it needs to head in a different direction.”


            In June, Senator Feinstein led a letter calling for the removal of tariffs on wine in any trade agreement reached with China and Japan. Information on that letter can be found here.