Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the “Build Back Better” framework announced by President Joe Biden:

“President Biden this morning announced a framework for his ‘Build Back Better’ plan that would make significant investments in the middle class and Americans struggling to make ends meet. It also takes climate change seriously and invests accordingly.

“For working Americans, the framework includes funding to make child care and preschool more affordable, build more affordable housing, expand the ability for the elderly and disabled Americans to receive home care, make health care more affordable, expand the child tax credit and make college more affordable for everyone.

“It also represents the largest-ever investment in the battle against climate change. In California, we know the effects of climate change are here now, and we must take action. Wildfires and droughts are growing worse and are an existential threat to my state. By investing so heavily in fighting climate change, the root cause of both problems, we’re showing that we take this problem seriously.

“The Senate passed a traditional infrastructure bill in August that invested in the roads, bridges and buildings that are in desperate need of repair. This bill invests in the American people, the workers and families who have suffered through a pandemic and an economic downturn and need help to keep going.

“In my opinion, investing in the expansion of education opportunities, caring for our children and the elderly, making health care affordable and combating climate change will have longer-term benefits than any road or bridge. It’s an investment in future generations.”