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Washington—Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla (both D-Calif.) today introduced the Rim of the Valley Corridor Preservation Act, a bill to add more than 119,000 acres of the Rim of the Valley Corridor to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

“Providing better access to natural places is key to improving the quality of life and boosting the local economy for residents of the Los Angeles basin,” said Senator Feinstein. “Los Angeles County is one of the most populous yet park-poor counties in the state. Our bill would help fix that by protecting portions of the Rim of the Valley Corridor, connecting more people to the trails and vast open spaces in the foothills of the surrounding mountains. It would boost the local economy, protect sensitive habitat for wildlife and allow more people to experience the unspoiled beauty of the region.”

“Addressing the climate crisis means working to protect our natural spaces at all costs,” said Senator Padilla. “Preserving the Rim of the Valley Corridor is a critical step in helping California and the entire country fulfill our goal of conserving 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030. I will continue to fight for additional conservation efforts for California and across the country as we work towards becoming better stewards of our cherished public lands.”

The proposed expansion is based on a six-year study of the region completed by the National Park Service in 2015. It would allow NPS and the local community to work together to better protect natural resources and habitat in the corridor and improve access for recreational and educational purposes.

The legislation gives NPS the authority to:

  • Add more than 119,000 acres of the Rim of the Valley Corridor to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.
  • Implement capital improvements, including new trails, roads and public facilities.
  • Monitor and study wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Participate in cooperative conservation and recreation planning.
  • Provide technical assistance for resource protection and recreation planning.
  • Contribute financially to projects that protect important natural resources.
  • Acquire land through donation, exchange or purchase.

The proposed expansion respects existing private property rights and local land-use authorities. It would not require a landowner to participate in any conservation or recreation activities or place additional restrictions on property owners. The legislation does not allow for land acquisition through eminent domain.

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