Wildfire Resources

Resources for Californians affected by wildfires

Constituent Wildfire Assistance from Senator Feinstein’s Office                          

  • Senator Feinstein’s office can provide assistance to residents affected by wildfires by acting as a liaison between residents and federal agencies 
  • Common requests we assist with include:
    • Helping replace federal documents lost in fires (e.g. Social Security cards, U.S. passports, green cards, and other immigration documents).
    • Problems with pending FEMA/SBA applications.
      • Residents must have already applied to the agencies for aid, but once they have done so, we can work with our agency contacts on issues that arise.

Our office is only able to assist with matters pertaining to federal agencies, not state or local agencies.

  • To work with a federal agency on a resident’s behalf, we need the resident to complete a Privacy Release Form.
  • The release form does not have to be detailed and does not have to include a mailing address, but must include the resident’s name, contact information, a brief description of the problem they are experiencing, and their signature.
  • Residents can email their completed release forms to casework@feinstein.senate.gov. They can also mail the forms to our San Francisco office or fax them to 202-228-3954.
  • We are treating all wildfire assistance requests as emergencies and will process them as soon as possible.