Feinstein in the News

September 2014

Date Title
9/11/14 L.A. awarded $32 million for transit improvements - Orange County Register
9/10/14 Obama's speech on Islamic State gets mixed reviews in divided Congress - Los Angeles Times
9/2/14 Islamic State: Obama must heed Feinstein - San Diego Union-Tribune

August 2014

Date Title
8/25/14 Napa, Calif., quake: Early-warning system gains support - Los Angeles Times
8/19/14 Tahoe summit meets amid concern over lake level - Sacramento Bee
8/9/14 Feinstein winning fight with CIA, Obama over torture report - San Francisco Chronicle
8/7/14 Since its founding, the CIA rarely has met a secret it doesn’t like - McClatchy
8/6/14 Feinstein turns tough on spy agency conduct - San Francisco Chronicle
8/4/14 Why there's a huge gap in counts of homeless kids - San Francisco Chronicle

July 2014

Date Title
7/31/14 The C.I.A.’s Reckless Breach of Trust - New York Times
7/8/14 Senate intelligence panel advances cybersecurity bill - Washington Post

May 2014

Date Title
5/22/14 Senate passes California drought-relief bill - McClatchy
5/9/14 Marines, off-roaders compromise over area near Twentynine Palms - Los Angeles Times

April 2014

Date Title
4/8/14 Feinstein asks White House to take lead in releasing CIA report - McClatchy

March 2014

Date Title
3/31/14 Senate Report: Torture Didn't Lead to Bin Laden - Associated Press
3/11/14 The C.I.A. Torture Cover-Up - New York Times

February 2014

Date Title
2/20/14 Editorial: A positive step for commuters riding the rails - Ventura County Star
2/20/14 Metrolink launches new train control safety system - Los Angeles Times
2/19/14 Sen. Dianne Feinstein defends NSA and need for intelligence gathering - Los Angeles Times
2/10/14 Helping the VA help L.A.'s homeless vets - Los Angeles Times
2/5/14 Feinstein bill pushes housing for homeless vets at West L.A. VA campus - Los Angeles Times

January 2014

Date Title
1/30/14 Bipartisan effort delivers water for Valley agriculture - Fresno Bee
1/16/14 Women are wielding notable influence in Congress - Washington Post
1/15/14 Give negotiations with Iran a chance - Sacramento Bee

December 2013

Date Title
12/26/13 Transfer of planes a good start against wildfire - Oakland Tribune