Feinstein in the News

February 2014

Date Title
2/19/14 Sen. Dianne Feinstein defends NSA and need for intelligence gathering - Los Angeles Times
2/10/14 Helping the VA help L.A.'s homeless vets - Los Angeles Times
2/5/14 Feinstein bill pushes housing for homeless vets at West L.A. VA campus - Los Angeles Times

January 2014

Date Title
1/30/14 Bipartisan effort delivers water for Valley agriculture - Fresno Bee
1/16/14 Women are wielding notable influence in Congress - Washington Post
1/15/14 Give negotiations with Iran a chance - Sacramento Bee

December 2013

Date Title
12/26/13 Transfer of planes a good start against wildfire - Oakland Tribune
12/22/13 Feinstein to Obama: Move without Congress on GMOs - The Hill
12/20/13 Congress adds air tankers to Forest Service fleet - Los Angeles Times
12/19/13 Feinstein urges cooperation to restore passenger levels at Ontario airport - Los Angeles Times
12/13/13 Sandy Hook's victims: Did we let them down? - Los Angeles Times
12/12/13 Senators Call for Financial Sanctions on West Africa Drugs - Wall Street Journal
12/11/13 FDA targets antibiotics in meat - San Francisco Chronicle
12/5/13 Feinstein: Stick to Train Safety Deadlines After New York City Crash - Wall Street Journal
12/5/13 New York train crash could have been prevented, Feinstein says - Los Angeles Times

November 2013

Date Title
11/26/13 Iran deal deserves a chance - Los Angeles Times
11/19/13 Rep. Henry Waxman pressures Veterans Administration to open 2 West L.A. campus buildings to homeless vets - Los Angeles Daily News
11/12/13 Congress should help president close Guantanamo prison - Sacramento Bee

October 2013

Date Title
10/16/13 Women Are the Only Adults Left in Washington - Time Magazine

September 2013

Date Title
9/25/13 Overdoses attributed to club drug 'Molly' increase - USA Today
9/8/13 Deportees, Then and Now - New York Times

August 2013

Date Title
8/21/13 DOMA demise allows gay spouse to immigrate - San Francisco Chronicle
8/16/13 Rough seas ahead as lawmakers embark on plan to save Lake Tahoe - McClatchy
8/9/13 Obama outlines proposals for reining in NSA surveillance - Los Angeles Times
8/5/13 Do not let immigration reform die - San Diego Union Tribune