Feinstein in the News

July 2013

Date Title
7/31/13 Senate confirms Todd Jones to lead ATF - Politico
7/12/13 Do Women Make Better Senators Than Men? - National Journal
7/7/13 Antibiotics use in animals a threat to humans - San Francisco Chronicle
7/1/13 Feinstein’s Support for N.S.A. Defies Liberal Critics and Repute - New York Times

June 2013

Date Title
6/25/13 Feinstein, NSA’S top congressional defender, has built respect over decades of service - Washington Post

May 2013

Date Title
5/22/13 Immigration bill heads to full Senate - Associated Press
5/12/13 Feinstein: Review military sexual assault cases outside command chain - Washington Post
5/1/13 Editorial: Erasing the stain of Guantanamo - Los Angeles Times

April 2013

Date Title
4/30/13 Editorial: President Obama must make closing Guantanamo a priority - Washington Post
4/25/13 Senator Urges Transfer of Guantánamo Detainees to Yemen Amid Revolt - New York Times
4/23/13 Feinstein bill would add acreage to Yosemite - San Francisco Chronicle
4/21/13 Sens. Feinstein and Boxer keep racking up seniority - Los Angeles Times
4/16/13 For Senator, Bill’s Defeat Is Personal and Political - New York Times
4/16/13 Unlikely Friendships, Stalemates and a Pizza Apology - New York Times
4/12/13 Agricultural Visa Program Finds Accord - Wall Street Journal

March 2013

Date Title
3/30/13 Editorial: The Senate’s moment on guns - Washington Post
3/21/13 Editorial: Senate needs to vote on assault weapons - Sacramento Bee
3/21/13 Editorial: Americans and their guns - Los Angeles Times
3/20/13 Editorial: Failure of Feinstein's assault weapons ban can't end gun safety fight - San Jose Mercury News
3/13/13 Editorial: Feinstein fighting outrageous health insurance rate hikes - San Jose Mercury News
3/12/13 Dianne Feinstein presses crusade on guns: 'I don't intend to stop' - Sacramento Bee

February 2013

Date Title
2/27/13 Gun control bill elicits emotional remarks - San Francisco Chronicle

January 2013

Date Title
1/10/13 5 senators to watch in gun control debate - Washington Post
1/7/13 Editorial: The Bid to Stop Gun Trafficking - New York Times
1/7/13 Choice to Lead C.I.A. Faces a Changed Agency - New York Times