Feinstein in the News

January 2013

Date Title
1/7/13 With new Congress comes a new push for gun laws - CNN
1/7/13 Obama’s nominations of Hagel and Brennan signal course adjustments at Pentagon and CIA - Washington Post
1/6/13 A Republican model on gun control - Los Angeles Times
1/3/13 Meet the New Class: The Senate Swears in a Historic 20 Female Senators - ABC News
1/3/13 Obama renominates judges - San Francisco Chronicle

December 2012

Date Title
12/31/12 Stop the gun madness - Washington Post
12/31/12 Too many gun deaths - San Diego Union Tribune
12/31/12 Pinnacles National Monument set to become a park - Los Angeles Times
12/27/12 Editorial: A Tougher Assault Weapons Ban - New York Times
12/26/12 Study shows restrictions reduce gun deaths - San Francisco Chronicle
12/24/12 Senate OKs Jon Tigar for federal court - San Francisco Chronicle
12/18/12 Editorial: Trying, again, to ban assault weapons - Los Angeles Times
12/17/12 Editorial: Guns and mental illness -- Curb assault weapons, improve mental health care and intervention - Los Angeles Daily News
12/17/12 Editorial: Stop the sale of assault weapons - San Francisco Chronicle
12/17/12 Editorial: Solution to mass shootings must become priority - Contra Costa Times
12/17/12 Editorial: Reason to Hope After the Newtown Rampage - New York Times

November 2012

Date Title
11/30/12 Senate Votes to Curb Indefinite Detention - New York Times

September 2012

Date Title
9/30/12 Viewpoints: Federal legislation would undermine state egg law - Sacramento Bee
9/25/12 Mongolia's Next Challenge - Wall Street Journal
9/20/12 Sacramento judge moves step closer to federal bench - Sacramento Bee
9/18/12 Two-thirds of Americans with mortgages pay 5% interest or higher - Los Angeles Times
9/13/12 Senators Says US Must Boost Caribbean Security - Associated Press
9/11/12 Federal loan will pay for Berryessa improvements - Napa Valley Register
9/7/12 U.S. designates Haqqani network a terrorist organization - Los Angeles Times
9/1/12 U.S. gasoline prices among highest ever for Labor Day weekend - Sacramento Bee