Feinstein in the News

March 2012

Date Title
3/14/12 March ARB fighter jets safe for now - Riverside Press-Enterprise
3/9/12 The new face of corporate espionage - Politico
3/6/12 Editorial: President doesn't need absolute detention authority - Contra Costa Times
3/1/12 Feinstein detainee bill for citizens, residents - San Francisco Chronicle
3/1/12 Editorial: Sen. Feinstein's fight for due process - San Francisco Chronicle
3/1/12 Senate rejects Blunt amendment that Dianne Feinstein calls 'Pandora's box of problems' - KPCC
3/1/12 House approves California water bill - McClatchy

February 2012

Date Title
2/28/12 Editorial: Damaging water measure needs to be rejected - Contra Costa Times
2/28/12 Feinstein aims to blunt provisions of detainee law - San Francisco Chronicle
2/23/12 Feinstein backs UCR medical school - Riverside Press-Enterprise
2/17/12 Central Valley reps bill would upend water rights - San Francisco Chronicle
2/16/12 Dianne Feinstein decries effort to delay train safety measure - Los Angeles Times
2/14/12 US senators launch new push for cybersecurity bill - Reuters
2/12/12 GOP needs to get on track with high-speed rail - San Bernardino Sun
2/11/12 Metrolink pushing forward with system designed to prevent crashes - LA Times
2/2/12 Sen. Feinstein backs health insurance rate controls - Los Angeles Times

January 2012

Date Title
1/25/12 House approves bill to study Buffalo Soldiers national park - Sacramento Bee
1/19/12 Editorial: Feinstein's move makes sure science gets fair review - Marin Independent Journal
1/18/12 Sen. Feinstein bemoans partisanship - Orange County Register
1/13/12 Feinstein asks National Academy to get involved in oyster debate -- again - Marin Independent Journal
1/2/12 Good riddance to ethanol subsidies - San Francisco Chronicle

December 2011

Date Title
12/21/11 Feinstein wants to cut delays in customs processing at LAX - Los Angeles Times
12/14/11 Our Voice: Tribe needs community support for new casino - The Desert Sun
12/9/11 Editorial: Liberties at risk as Congress ups 'war on terror' - Sacramento Bee
12/5/11 Editorial: Defense bill deserves veto - San Bernardino Sun