Feinstein in the News

December 2011

Date Title
12/5/11 Editorial: Defense bill deserves veto - San Bernardino Sun
12/1/11 Editorial: A fight for rule of law, even for terror suspects - San Francisco Chronicle

November 2011

Date Title
11/30/11 Feinstein, Rand Paul fight indefinite detentions - San Francisco Chronicle
11/27/11 S. Floyd Mori: Internment specter raises ugly head in forgetful U.S. Senate - San Jose Mercury News
11/18/11 Editorial: Lungren needs to deliver on Natomas levees - Sacramento Bee
11/15/11 Senate panel alters detainee language in defense bill - Politico
11/15/11 Senators Seek Agreement on Policy for Spent Nuclear Fuel - Congressional Quarterly
11/9/11 US lawmakers urge tough response to Iran report - AFP

October 2011

Date Title
10/25/11 Top Dems oppose detention policy in defense bill - Associated Press
10/25/11 Mercury News editorial: What's good for Silicon Valley is good for the U.S. economy - San Jose Mercury News
10/25/11 Protect desert for vets, others - San Bernardino Sun
10/18/11 Senate approves pipeline safety bill - Los Angeles Times
10/13/11 Iran slams plot allegations - CNN
10/13/11 Iranian leader thought to have OK'd plot - Los Angeles Times
10/12/11 Chemical Industry Shifts on BPA After Spending Millions to Fight Legislation - The New York Times
10/1/11 Viewpoints: Quake near D.C. can help us prepare for the 'Big One' - The Sacramento Bee

September 2011

Date Title
9/28/11 Feinstein rips National Park Service report addressing West Marin oyster operations - Marin Independent Journal
9/21/11 New Evidence Adds to Case Against Bisphenol A - San Francisco Chronicle
9/3/11 Forest Service: Aerial firefighting plan delays spark criticism - Riverside Press-Enterprise

August 2011

Date Title
8/25/11 Senator Feinstein: American Purpose - The Commonwealth
8/25/11 Q&A With U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein - Tahoe Quarterly
8/22/11 Editorial: A compassionate and sensible step on immigration - The Sacramento Bee
8/17/11 Tahoe clarity is second-lowest ever measured - The Sacramento Bee
8/13/11 Crescent City to receive $6 million toward boat basin - Eureka Times-Standard
8/11/11 Editorial: Job creation must be part of deficit reduction panel's work - San Jose Mercury News