Feinstein in the News

July 2012

Date Title
7/10/12 EDITORIAL: Keep casinos on reservations - North County Times
7/4/12 Patent office will be a boost for Bay Area, state - San Francisco Examiner

June 2012

Date Title
6/25/12 Disability-access legal threats spur legislation to protect business - Sacramento Bee
6/5/12 New law steps up penalties for building cross-border tunnels - San Diego Union-Tribune
6/3/12 Editorial: Closing a loophole in the war on terror - Los Angeles Times

May 2012

Date Title
5/29/12 Editorial: Eggs over easier - Chicago Tribune
5/24/12 New push to deal with L.A. helicopter noise - Los Angeles Times

April 2012

Date Title
4/29/12 Intel Gatekeeper: the case file on Senator Dianne Feinstein - CNN
4/24/12 Region in line for vital freeway funding - Riverside Press-Enterprise
4/21/12 Editorial: Silicon Valley must protect against catastrophic sea-level rise - San Jose Mercury News
4/15/12 Time to protect against dangers of cyberattack - Washington Post
4/11/12 $ 1 billion needed for South Bay flood protection and marsh restoration - San Jose Mercury News
4/3/12 Feinstein seeks end to abusive suits against firms - San Francisco Chronicle
4/2/12 Editorial: Feinstein Right about ‘Predatory Lawsuits’ – San Diego Union-Tribune

March 2012

Date Title
3/28/12 WILDFIRES: Senators urge outside review of tanker shortage - Riverside Press-Enterprise
3/27/12 California Sen. Feinstein shuns spotlight in re-election bid - McClatchy
3/15/12 Editorial: U.S. shouldn't skimp on tsunami warnings - Sacramento Bee
3/14/12 Women Figure Anew in Senate’s Latest Battle - New York Times
3/14/12 March ARB fighter jets safe for now - Riverside Press-Enterprise
3/9/12 The new face of corporate espionage - Politico
3/6/12 Editorial: President doesn't need absolute detention authority - Contra Costa Times
3/1/12 Editorial: Sen. Feinstein's fight for due process - San Francisco Chronicle
3/1/12 Senate rejects Blunt amendment that Dianne Feinstein calls 'Pandora's box of problems' - KPCC
3/1/12 House approves California water bill - McClatchy
3/1/12 Feinstein detainee bill for citizens, residents - San Francisco Chronicle