Feinstein in the News

May 2011

Date Title
5/10/11 High-speed rail funds flow to California - San Francisco Chronicle
5/9/11 Feinstein rethinks Pakistan aid - Politico
5/8/11 EDITORIAL: Scrap Ethanol Subsidy - North County Times
5/6/11 Feinstein Uses Private Bills to Block Deportations - Sacramento Bee
5/1/11 Congress Reacts to News of Osama bin Laden's Death - Los Angeles Times

April 2011

Date Title
4/27/11 Skyrocketing Feed Prices Impact Dairies - Merced Sun Star
4/22/11 Protecting the California coast - The Hill
4/20/11 Senator Feinstein wants New Protocol for Renewing Nuclear Power Licenses - KPCC – Southern California Public Radio
4/17/11 Stepping Up Preparation for a Major Earthquake - San Francisco Chronicle
4/13/11 Bidding for Shuttles: And the Winners Are... - Time Magazine
4/11/11 Editorial: Health Insurers Need Regulation - The Sacramento Bee
4/6/11 Feds send $50 Million to Grow California Solar Companies - Central Valley Business Times
4/5/11 U.S. Lawmakers Want Better Gas Mileage - UPI
4/4/11 Feds Call on Industry to Repair Aging Pipelines - San Jose Mercury News
4/1/11 California Legislature Must Pass Bisphenol A Bill - San Francisco Chronicle

March 2011

Date Title
3/30/11 Sen. Feinstein: Move U.S. Spent Nuclear Fuel Out of Pools - The New York Times
3/24/11 Time to Rebuild Confidence in the Park Service - Marin Voice
3/18/11 Democrats move to repeal Defense of Marriage Act - Los Angeles Times
3/18/11 2 Senators Go After Pipeline Safety 'Loophole' - San Francisco Chronicle
3/15/11 Lawmakers Question U.S. Nuclear Safety Standards - CQ Roll Call
3/2/11 Lake Tahoe Restoration Faces Funding Challenge - San Francisco Chronicle