Feinstein in the News

October 2016

Date Title
10/25/16 Legislators vow to help California guardsmen keep bonuses - San Francisco Chronicle
10/17/16 SF welcomes new fireboat to fleet on anniversary of Loma Prieta - San Francisco Chronicle
10/14/16 Trump refusal to accept government assessments on Russian hacks dismays former officials - Washington Post
10/8/16 Next senator won’t out-work Feinstein - Sacramento Bee
10/7/16 To keep drones out of high-risk areas, companies try hijacking them and shooting them down - Los Angeles Times
10/4/16 Logging California’s dead trees is harmful to the forests - San Francisco Chronicle

September 2016

Date Title
9/22/16 National Security Key lawmakers accuse Russia of campaign to disrupt U.S. election - Washington Post
9/20/16 U.S. nuclear waste backlog could be eased by private disposal: Moniz - Reuters
9/15/16 Lucy Koh from South Bay gets Senate panel OK for appeals court - San Francisco Chronicle
9/14/16 Sweeping plan to use Mojave for solar, wind development wins OK - San Francisco Chronicle
9/13/16 Supervisors To Hold Hearings On Sinking Soma High Rise - San Francisco Chronicle
9/12/16 House OKs leases at VA campus in West L.A., clearing the way for more homeless vet housing
9/8/16 Sen. Feinstein asks for more cash to cut down dead trees in California before they catch fire - Los Angeles Times

August 2016

Date Title
8/29/16 Opinion: Step Up To Fight Homelessness - Huffington Post
8/17/16 Editorial: Is Your Lipstick Bad For You?
8/12/16 Dem senators to Clinton: Stick with Garland - Politico
8/12/16 U.S. aims to restore water, return fish to diverted California river - Reuters
8/3/16 As Olympics Begin, Senators Renew Call For Equal Pay For U.S. Women’s Soccer Stars - Huffington Post

July 2016

Date Title
7/27/16 Senior U.S. lawmakers want information on DNC hack declassified - Reuters
7/19/16 Local control of Ontario International Airport headed for President Obama's signature - Los Angeles Times
7/8/16 Dallas: Governor, Inland congressional delegation reacts - Riverside Press-Enterprise
7/6/16 Urgent fix needed for Forest Service fire budget - San Diego Union-Tribune
7/4/16 How online poker could become legal in California - Torrance Daily Breeze
7/1/16 USDA introduces ‘fix’ in testing for Salmonella in poultry - Food Safety News

June 2016

Date Title
6/27/16 In the battle of desert tortoise vs. Marines, the tortoise wins — for now - Washington Post