Feinstein in the News

June 2016

Date Title
6/27/16 In the battle of desert tortoise vs. Marines, the tortoise wins — for now - Washington Post
6/23/16 Supreme Court deadlock on immigration will have far-reaching implications - McClatchy
6/23/16 The gun lobby can't have its cake and eat it too - Los Angeles Times
6/20/16 A week after Orlando, Republicans protect terrorists’ right to bear arms - Washington Post
6/1/16 U.S. Senators Demand Female Soccer Players Get Equal Pay For Equal Work - CBS San Francisco

May 2016

Date Title
5/29/16 Opinion: Restore Hetch Hetchy Valley, help repair the world
5/23/16 California water bill has three possible paths for passage - McClatchy
5/18/16 Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushes Senate subcommittee for water bill to address California's drought - Los Angeles Times
5/12/16 Senate approves $37.5B measure to fund energy, water - Associated Press
5/11/16 Senate rejects amendment that inflamed tensions over Iran nuclear deal - Washington Post
5/2/16 Sen. Dianne Feinstein opposes legalizing Internet poker in California - Los Angeles Times

April 2016

Date Title
4/29/16 Strict state gun-control measure close to making November ballot - San Francisco Chronicle
4/7/16 DRONES: Feinstein seeks to prevent feds from preempting state and local laws - Riverside Press-Enterprise
4/6/16 Feinstein Meets With Supreme Court Nominee - Los Angeles Times
4/1/16 How California lawmakers dominate oversight of U.S. spy agencies - McClatchy

March 2016

Date Title
3/30/16 Dianne Feinstein says water wars tougher than assault-weapons ban - Sacramento Bee
3/30/16 Dianne Feinstein offers a model for a senator who would follow - Sacramento Bee
3/24/16 Feinstein, GOP press Obama administration on delta water - San Francisco Chronicle
3/21/16 California to Cuba: Time to fly nonstop, Feinstein and Boxer urge - Sacramento Bee
3/21/16 Senate proposal on encryption gives judges broad powers - Reuters
3/18/16 Drone Flies Within 200 Feet of Jet Airliner Preparing to Land at LAX: Pilot - KTLA 5
3/17/16 Lawmakers propose California center on gun violence research - Los Angeles Times
3/9/16 Valley Voice: Obama right to create desert monuments - Palm Springs Desert Sun
3/8/16 Feinstein Announces WinCo Foods to Sell Breast Cancer Research Stamp

January 2016

Date Title
1/30/16 Mojave Desert areas on verge of protection under 1906 law - San Francisco Chronicle