Feinstein in the News

January 2017

Date Title
1/31/17 As America weighs the fate of Trump’s court pick, Feinstein is the Democrat to watch - McClatchy
1/30/17 Bay Area Dems’ bids to stop Trump travel ban blocked in Congress - San Francisco Chronicle
1/25/17 Inspired By Women’s March, Dianne Feinstein Delays Vote On Trump’s Attorney General Pick - Huffington Post
1/23/17 Sen. Feinstein calls Trump's abortion executive order 'shameful' - KTVU San Francisco
1/15/17 Sen. Dianne Feinstein says Russian involvement changed the outcome of the election - Los Angeles Times
1/10/17 Feinstein confronts Sessions, as Supreme Court battle awaits - San Francisco Chronicle
1/7/17 Senate Confirmation Hearings to Begin Without All Background Checks - New York Times

December 2016

Date Title
12/30/16 Feinstein, Harris will have some pull on federal judge picks - San Francisco Chronicle
12/12/16 Senate's CIA torture report will go into Obama archive - Reuters
12/12/16 Senate and House Leaders Call for Inquiry of Russian Hacking in Election - New York Times
12/10/16 After years of drama, farmers score a big win in California water battle - McClatchy
12/4/16 Feinstein plans to lead ‘the Resistance’ to Trump - San Francisco Chronicle

November 2016

Date Title
11/21/16 Will San Onofre's nuclear waste wind up at Yucca Mountain? - Los Angeles Times
11/18/16 Feinstein: Pompeo ‘absolutely wrong’ about her report on CIA interrogation program - McClatchy
11/15/16 Sen. Feinstein says Bannon pick spreads fear as nation sees racist acts - McClatchy
11/11/16 California now matters more than ever - San Francisco Chronicle
11/9/16 LA leaders to state: Don’t let SoCalGas resume at Aliso Canyon – yet - Los Angeles Daily News
11/1/16 Ontario officials get ownership of international airport and pledge more flights and services - Los Angeles Times

October 2016

Date Title
10/25/16 Legislators vow to help California guardsmen keep bonuses - San Francisco Chronicle
10/17/16 SF welcomes new fireboat to fleet on anniversary of Loma Prieta - San Francisco Chronicle
10/14/16 Trump refusal to accept government assessments on Russian hacks dismays former officials - Washington Post
10/8/16 Next senator won’t out-work Feinstein - Sacramento Bee
10/7/16 To keep drones out of high-risk areas, companies try hijacking them and shooting them down - Los Angeles Times
10/4/16 Logging California’s dead trees is harmful to the forests - San Francisco Chronicle

September 2016

Date Title
9/22/16 National Security Key lawmakers accuse Russia of campaign to disrupt U.S. election - Washington Post