Passport Help

Our office is doing the best we can to meet the needs of all of our constituents traveling. As it is the height of the travel season, our office is experiencing a high volume of requests for passport assistance. We will do everything we can to help you obtain your passport, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive your passport in time for your scheduled departure. Failure to complete these steps will cause a delay of our ability to assist you before your intended travel date. 

  1. CLICK HERE to fill out a privacy release form. *If the person needing assistance with a passport is a minor, you will need to submit all the above information as it applies to your child, on your child’s behalf. The adult requesting passport assistance on behalf of the minor must sign the Privacy Release Form –with a handwritten signature. You must include your child’s social security number on the Privacy Release Form.
  2. Please remember to attach a copy of your flight itinerary, or proof of international travel.
  3. You may email these documents to: In the subject line of the email, please include your “Last Name, First Name – Passport Assistance”. Alternatively, you may also mail these documents to our San Francisco office.