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Intern Application

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Writing Sample

Pretend you are writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper describing your position on a current event. Be sure to show your understanding of both sides of the debate and explain why you find one argument more persuasive than the other. Do not send a paper from a college class or an article written for your school newspaper as your writing sample.

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Cover Letter

Please answer the following questions in a cover letter:

1. Which office you are applying to (DC, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, or Fresno)? b. Why do you want to be an intern for Senator Feinstein?

2. What do you hope to accomplish during your internship?

3. How did you become interested in government and politics?

4. Do you have any plans or intentions to work/intern anywhere else while interning in the Office of Senator Feinstein? If yes, please explain.  (*All simultaneous employment or internships must comport with the Senator’s Office employee handbook, Senate Rules, and Senate ethics guidelines.)

Submissions are limited to 3500 characters


Submissions are limited to 3500 characters