Letter to the Editor: Repression in Tibet - New York Times

To the Editor:

Tibetan Self-Immolations as China Tightens Grip” (front page, March 23) vividly illustrates the human dimension of this tragedy.

My history with China and Tibet runs deep. I first visited China in 1979 and worked in the 1990s to facilitate meetings between President Jiang Zemin of China and the Dalai Lama.

Today, China’s policies toward Tibet have created an environment of rising tension and frustration. I believe that the United States must send a clear message against this continued repression and violence.

We can start by passing a Senate resolution I recently introduced with Senator Joseph I. Lieberman that calls on China to suspend religious control regulations, reassess its religious and security policies, and resume dialogue with Tibetan Buddhist leaders.

The Tibetan people wish only to preserve their culture and practice their faith freely. Those fundamental human rights are met with cruelty and persecution. It’s time the United States insisted that China end these oppressive policies.

U.S. Senator from California
Washington, March 23, 2012