To the Editor:

Re “Envisioning a Deal With Iran” (Op-Ed, The New York Times on the Web, Feb. 3):

As calls for a military solution to deal with Iran’s nuclear program increase, William H. Luers and Thomas R. Pickering make a compelling case that a better option remains on the table: diplomacy.

As Mr. Luers and Mr. Pickering suggest, we must develop a creative, bold strategy that takes an honest look at the interests of all sides. Only then can we begin to find common ground and outline steps toward an agreement.

A key first step for Iran: Allow inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency full access to its nuclear facilities, something they were denied on a recent trip. A key first step for the United States: Find a way to send a clear message to the supreme leader that we are serious about a deal.

We may not succeed, but given the risks surrounding a military strike, we should at least try.