May 2015

Date Title
5/5/15 GOP Budget is a Major Step Backward for the Country - Huffington Post

April 2015

Date Title
4/22/15 We Must Protect Our Children From Abuse - Huffington Post

March 2015

Date Title
3/19/15 Funding needed to combat influx of meth crossing the border - San Diego Union Tribune

December 2014

Date Title
12/17/14 Senate’s report on CIA torture was comprehensive-Washington Post
12/12/14 Torture report is about us, not enemies, and we must enact reform - San Francisco Chronicle
12/9/14 Dianne Feinstein defends the torture report - Los Angeles Times
12/3/14 America’s nuclear arsenal is unnecessarily and unsustainably large - Washington Post

October 2014

Date Title
10/4/14 Border with Mexico is secure - Fresno Bee

September 2014

Date Title
9/8/14 Time to build a quake early-warning system for California: Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff - Los Angeles Daily News
9/7/14 Cybersecurity bill strikes right balance - Los Angeles Times
9/7/14 Confront ISIS now - USA Today
9/4/14 Strong New Pathogen Standards Would Save Lives - Food Safety News

July 2014

Date Title
7/21/14 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act will help protect us - San Jose Mercury News
7/2/14 Maliki Must Go - Politico

June 2014

Date Title
6/24/14 Here's how to deal with the desperate children at the border - Los Angeles Times

May 2014

Date Title
5/21/14 Drought bill balances principles, practicality - San Francisco Chronicle
5/20/14 Student loan debt demands attention: Dianne Feinstein - Los Angeles Daily News

April 2014

Date Title
4/19/14 Another View: Feinstein’s bill should be enacted quickly - Sacramento Bee
4/10/14 Why the Senate report on the CIA’s interrogation program should be made public - Washington Post

March 2014

Date Title
3/21/14 Letters: First, protect migrant children - Los Angeles Times

December 2013

Date Title
12/12/13 Hopes for a transformative president - Politico

November 2013

Date Title
11/30/13 On gun control, finish the work we started - San Jose Mercury News
11/10/13 Conserve desert or build solar? Let’s do both - Riverside Press-Enterprise
11/2/13 NSA call-records program is prudence, not prying - San Francisco Chronicle

October 2013

Date Title
10/20/13 Continue NSA call-records program - USA Today