October 2012

Date Title
10/17/12 Malala Tragedy Reveals Plight of AfPak Girls - Huffington Post

August 2012

Date Title
8/14/12 Reader Rebuttal: Cyber security legislation - Orange County Register

July 2012

Date Title
7/29/12 Feinstein presses for assault weapons ban - San Francisco Chronicle

May 2012

Date Title
5/24/12 Senator: What I saw in Afghanistan - San Diego Union Tribune

April 2012

Date Title
4/30/12 Diplomacy offers best hope for Iran on nuclear arms - San Francisco Chronicle
4/25/12 Secure infrastructure networks now - The Hill

March 2012

Date Title
3/28/12 Letter to the Editor: Re "Who's checking the executive branch?" - Los Angeles Times
3/26/12 Letter to the Editor: Repression in Tibet - New York Times

February 2012

Date Title
2/10/12 Letter to the Editor: Senator Dianne Feinstein, on Diplomacy With Iran - New York Times
2/2/12 Marin Voice: Best science should be our goal - Marin Independent Journal

January 2012

Date Title
1/29/12 Viewpoints: Proposals to drain Hetch Hetchy won't work - Sacramento Bee

December 2011

Date Title
12/12/11 Every accused citizen deserves a trial - San Francisco Chronicle

November 2011

Date Title
11/3/11 Time to Step Up on Banning Cluster Munitions - Arms Control Today

October 2011

Date Title
10/27/11 Breast Cancer Awareness Should be Year-Round Event - The Huffington Post
10/12/11 Moms 1, Chemical Industry 0 -
10/6/11 Pass Rate Review Legislation to Keep Health Insurance Premiums Down - The Huffington Post

September 2011

Date Title
9/13/11 Time to End the Use of Cluster Munitions - The Huffington Post

August 2011

Date Title
8/25/11 Nuclear Safety and the East Coast Earthquake
8/3/11 Guest View: The Chemicals Found in Kitchen Cans - San Gabriel Valley Tribune

July 2011

Date Title
7/20/11 Walking the Walk on DOMA Repeal - The Huffington Post
7/14/11 Ban unsafe chemical from baby bottles and cups - CNN

June 2011

Date Title
6/12/11 Feds can Help us Prepare for Next Big One - San Francisco Chronicle
6/4/11 Viewpoints: State needs Protection from Health Rate Hikes - The Sacramento Bee

May 2011

Date Title
5/26/11 Time to re-evaluate U.S-Pakistan relationship - Politico
5/10/11 Coming Together, Not Falling Apart - The Huffington Post