July 2010

Date Title
7/2/10 Urgent Action Necessary to Stop Health Insurance Corporation Greed - The Huffington Post

May 2010

Date Title
5/19/10 BPA Isn't Worth the Risk - AOL News
5/4/10 If Any Treaty Should Be Ratified, This Is the One - Huffington Post

March 2010

Date Title
3/31/10 Civilian Courts Can Prosecute Terrorists - The Wall Street Journal

February 2010

Date Title
2/18/10 Water is Jobs - San Francisco Chronicle

December 2009

Date Title
12/18/09 Time to Ban BPA from Food and Beverage Containers
12/6/09 Abandoned Mines Pose Threats - San Bernardino Sun

October 2009

Date Title
10/30/09 Legislation recognized rights of crime victims - Arizona Republic
10/27/09 Time for Legislature to Solve State's Water Crisis - The Fresno Bee

September 2009

Date Title
9/30/09 State Water Issue is Complex - The Fresno Bee

July 2009

Date Title
7/17/09 Why Oyster Farm Should Stay - Marin Independent-Journal

June 2009

Date Title
6/11/09 Handouts for Hummers - The Wall Street Journal

April 2009

Date Title
4/25/09 Let the Senate Investigate the Interrogations - The Wall Street Journal

January 2009

Date Title
1/3/09 Let’s Commit to a Nuclear-Free World - The Wall Street Journal

December 2008

Date Title
12/3/08 New Treaty Should Prompt New Administration To Review U.S. Policy On Cluster Munitions

September 2008

Date Title
9/22/08 Control System Should be Put in Place - Los Angeles Daily News
9/9/08 We Need More Oversight of U.S. Energy Markets - San Jose Mercury News

July 2008

Date Title
7/31/08 Turning the Tide in the Water Crisis - Los Angeles Times
7/18/08 The Distraction of Offshore Drilling - Los Angeles Times
7/1/08 Drilling off coast isn't the answer - Santa Barbara News-Press

May 2008

Date Title
5/2/08 Dealing with Tijuana's Wastewater - San Diego Union-Tribune

April 2008

Date Title
4/22/08 U.S. Must Attack Gang Menace - Los Angeles Daily Breeze
4/20/08 Americans Need Notice when Private Data Exposed - Sacramento Bee
4/19/08 Congress Must Act Soon for Rural Schools - Red Bluff Daily News

March 2008

Date Title
3/29/08 Give California rural schools the funds they need - Eureka Times-Standard