Page Program

How to . . . Apply for the Senate Page Program

Applications for Summer 2023 are open.  

The Senate Page Program offers a unique opportunity for high school juniors to learn in depth how Congress works. Page responsibilities include delivery of correspondence and legislative material within the Congressional Complex. Pages may also take messages for Members, prepare the Senate Chamber for session and carry bills and amendments to the desk.

Pages are housed in the Senate Page Dormitory, which is located a few blocks from the Capitol. The Senate Pages attend class in the early morning, studying typical junior year subjects such as mathematics, English, and social studies. A Field Studies program also ensures that Pages are exposed to many of the educational and cultural activities that Washington, D.C. offers.

There are only 30 Pages appointed in the Senate each semester and the privilege of making these appointments is based on seniority. Not all Senators are able to appoint Pages. Due to the limited number of positions and the volume of interested students, appointments to the Page Program are particularly competitive. I encourage interested applicants to apply as early as possible so that I can process your application in a timely manner.

A Senate Page must be a junior in high school and between the ages of sixteen and eighteen years old. A Senate Page must also maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Pages are paid on the basis of an annual salary of $25,605. Pages must be citizens of the United States and must have a social security number.

Submitting your application several months in advance is suggested:

Session Name
2023 Session Dates
Application Due Date
Summer I
June – July
January 31
Summer II
July – August
January 31
September – January
May 13
January – June October 8