Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement in support of SB 380, a bill by state Senator Fran Pavley to ensure safety at the Aliso Canyon gas facility:  

“In my view, SB 380 is exactly the right way to go. What unfolded at Aliso Canyon is terrible. The number one priority in this situation should be the health and safety of the local residents, and Fran Pavley’s bill reflects that.   

“Candidly, I believe the facility should be shut down. The legislation directs California to study the feasibility of doing so while not disrupting the energy system. This study should be done as quickly as possible because it’s clear to me that it’s simply wrong for this facility to be so close to a huge subdivision.

“The legislation passed the Senate by a unanimous 40-0 vote. It then passed the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee by a 13-0 vote. These bipartisan votes don’t happen often, which shows the importance of the measure. I urge all members of the Assembly to swiftly advance the bill.” 

More information on SB 380 can be found here.