Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which she has cosponsored.

“Campus sexual assault is an epidemic in this country—one in five women in college will be sexually assaulted. The problem is compounded when colleges and universities fail to report these crimes to the Department of Education, as required under the Clery Act. In 2014, 91 percent of colleges did not report a single rape, clear evidence that the system needs significant reform.

“The Campus Accountability and Safety Act would be a big step forward, requiring greater transparency and accountability from colleges and universities. They would be required to publish more information about incidents of sexual violence, provide confidential advisors to victims and establish a uniform process for disciplinary proceedings. Too often, disciplinary proceedings are not handled fairly and don’t achieve justice for victims.

“The bill would also require the Department of Education to create a website detailing pending investigations, enforcement actions and resolutions for sexual harassment complaints. Currently, this information is not easily accessible, which makes it difficult for young people and their parents to learn about a prospective school’s record on sexual assault before deciding to enroll. 

 “The Campus Accountability and Safety Act has broad, bipartisan support and I urge its passage.”