Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on China’s adoption of a national security law that will apply to Hong Kong:

            “I am deeply concerned about China’s approval of a new national security law for Hong Kong. The law will erode the unique liberties that Hong Kong enjoys, including freedom of speech and assembly, and will stoke fear among those who seek to maintain Hong Kong’s democracy.

            “I attended the British handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997. Since then, ‘one country, two systems’ has been the hallmark of Hong Kong’s autonomy. Now, 23 years later, China has moved to dismantle the very core of Hong Kong’s character and success.

            “China’s national security law is a blatant attempt to stifle a growing pro-democracy movement. It will empower Beijing to arrest Hong Kongers for nothing more than exercising their free speech. Several pro-democracy parties have already disbanded, and their leaders have gone quiet, citing the new law as a threat to their safety.

            “The United States must stand against authoritarianism and repression wherever it presents itself. I will join any effort to push back on China’s encroachment of Hong Kongers’ freedoms.”