Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on a staff report released by the Senate Rules and Administration Committee and the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on the January 6 attack on the Capitol:

“The report released today on the January 6 attack on the Capitol reveals dangerous gaps in how the Capitol Police and other security agencies operate, particularly how they share information internally and externally on potential threats.

“Although the Capitol Police knew about the possibility of violence weeks ahead of the attack, that information wasn’t shared within the Capitol Police chain of command or with outside law enforcement groups. The ensuing attack left five dead, 140 injured and posed one of the biggest threats to our democracy in nearly 200 years. Further, neither the FBI nor DHS produced a specific warning to the Capitol Police, even though they both had information about violent threats that day.

“I’ve served on the Senate Intelligence Committee for 20 years and I’ve seen how dangerous it can be when critical information is stovepiped from others who have a vital need to know. Changes are needed so this doesn’t happen again.

“I look forward to working with members of the Rules Committee and the Homeland Security Committee on legislation to close these dangerous gaps in how the Capitol Police operates and how the intelligence community issues warnings. It’s critical to our democracy that we address this problem quickly and forcefully.”