Press Releases

Washington—U.S. Border Patrol agents early Tuesday morning stopped an ambulance transporting 10-year-old Rosamaria Hernandez to emergency surgery in Texas, then followed the ambulance and waited outside her hospital room to arrest her when she was released. She is now in detention awaiting deportation.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on Rosamaria’s arrest and detention:

“I’m absolutely stunned at this latest outrage committed under the auspices of President Trump’s heartless immigration policy.

“Is this the type of dangerous criminal Donald Trump said should be the focus of immigration enforcement? Is the president so terrified of this little girl with cerebral palsy that his agents had to stop an ambulance speeding her to surgery?

“The Department of Homeland Security should be ashamed of itself. This action was immoral and a travesty. I urge the Department of Homeland Security to come to its senses, release Rosamaria to her parents and take a long, hard look at its policies and priorities.”

Feinstein also wrote to Acting Secretary Elaine Duke to express her outrage at this situation.