Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement on President Biden’s environmental executive orders:

“President Biden today took meaningful steps to undo some of the most egregious environmental harm caused by the Trump administration. I fully support his executive orders and will work with him to combat climate change and protect our environment.

“We can’t afford to ignore this threat any longer. In California, climate change is responsible for worsening droughts and increasingly deadly and destructive wildfires.

“It was outrageous that the Trump administration effectively abdicated our position of leadership by pulling out of the Paris climate agreement. President Biden’s decision to return the United States to that agreement shows that he takes the threat seriously.

“President Biden also issued executive orders to undo harmful methane rules, stop construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, block drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and restore stronger fuel economy standards, all of which will help reduce carbon pollution.

“The time to act on climate change is now. By issuing these executive orders, President Biden has made it clear the United States will reclaim its mantle as a global leader in this fight.”

President Biden’s executive orders:

  • Returns the United States to the Paris climate agreement, the global agreement signed in 2016 by nearly 200 countries to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the impacts of climate change. President Trump withdrew the United States out of the agreement last November.

  • Reimposes an Obama-era rule that limits methane pollution for new and existing oil and gas operations.

  • Bans new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that President Trump tried to rush through during his final weeks in office.

  • Cancels the permit approved by President Trump for the Keystone XL Pipeline.