Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement after the Labor Department announced the U.S. economy created 467,000 new jobs in January. The Labor Department also revised its November and December job reports, noting that more than 700,000 additional jobs were created during those two months than previously reported.

“Today’s job report reinforces the fact that under President Biden, the economy has rebounded rapidly. With 467,000 jobs created in January and 700,000 more new jobs in November and December combined than was previously reported, it’s clear our economy is recovering.

“In addition to 1.6 million new jobs created over the last three months, we have also seen wages grow by nearly 6 percent compared to a year ago. This is further evidence that congressional legislation and the president’s actions are helping to grow and strengthen the economy as we recover from Covid-19.

“While the economy is coming back strong, we must continue to do more to help create jobs by investing in the economy, raising wages and continuing to address the problem of inflation.

“However, it’s clear the investments that have already been made are now paying dividends. I’m hopeful that we’ll continue to see progress and more Americans will be back to work soon.”