Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the passing of George Shultz:

“I’m heartbroken at the passing of George Shultz.

“George was married to my best friend Charlotte, so we were close personal friends. In fact I remember introducing them 25 years ago. Ever since, some of my best memories are dinners with them, sharing vacation time and just being together on weekends.

“George certainly lived a life second to none.

“He served in World War II and was a professor at MIT for a decade. His government career was extensive and influential. He served as Secretary of State, Treasury Secretary, Labor Secretary and Director of OMB. In recent years he remained engaged in some of our most pressing challenges and focused much attention on climate change.

“George lived a life of enormous credibility and honor. He was willing to work across party lines. I think no one was a better standard bearer and honorable representative for this country.

“But George’s work told only part of the story. He was bright and funny and personable. He and Charlotte were a joy to be around.

“All of my thoughts are with Charlotte at this difficult time. She loved George with all her heart and together they were a real force. All your friends are here for you, Charlotte, and we mourn together with you.

“George, you were a brilliant man, a patriot and, most importantly, a wonderful friend to my husband Richard and me. You’ll be missed.”