Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on news that the federal government was deploying a U.S. Navy hospital ship, eight Army field hospitals and medical equipment to help California combat coronavirus:

            “I’m pleased that the federal government is deploying much-needed resources to increase California’s capacity to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. I thank the agencies involved for their assistance during this emergency.

            “The U.S. Navy hospital ship Mercy is deploying to the Port of Los Angeles with a team of medical professionals, medical equipment and supplies. The hospital ship will provide up to 1,000 additional hospital beds to treat non-coronavirus patients, freeing up critical hospital space that is more suitable for treating infectious disease.

            “In addition, FEMA is deploying eight Army field hospitals to California that will add 2,000 hospital beds to the state’s capacity, also intended for non-coronavirus patients. The locations for these field hospitals will be determined later this week.

            “In addition, California will receive thousands of respirators, surgical gowns and masks, gloves, face shields and coveralls from the National Strategic Reserve to help meet surging demand.

            “President Trump has also approved Governor Newsom’s request for a Major Disaster Declaration that will provide additional services and resources for Californians, including reimbursement for ongoing emergency actions being taken to address the outbreak and counselling services.

            “These measures will help California confront the virus and relieve pressure on the state’s public health system. I will continue working to find ways the federal government can help our state in these challenging times.”