Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement on the need to maintain coronavirus public health protocols over Labor Day Weekend:

            “Since mid-July, when Governor Newsom put in place strict public health guidelines throughout the state, California has made real progress in addressing the coronavirus. We need to continue those efforts. 

            “California is averaging 4,900 new daily cases, compared to 9,400 in mid-August. Most of the state has shown significant progress. Nationwide we’re seeing an average of 42,000 cases per day, down from the nearly 49,000 from two weeks ago (a decline of 14 percent). However, new hotspots have emerged, particularly in the Midwest, risking that progress. 

            “Even with this success, we cannot backslide on safety precautions. When California relaxed its health safety measures in the spring, we saw spikes in cases – especially after Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. We can’t repeat that mistake over Labor Day. 

            “The country has seen 6 million positive coronavirus cases and 185,000 deaths, two tragic milestones. All of us have to do our part to keep those numbers from getting worse. 

            “We’re all tired of these safety precautions, that’s clear to everyone. But we can’t let that fatigue endanger more lives and risk greater harm to the economy. The only way to return to normal life is to stay the course now with physical distancing, the use of masks and avoiding large gatherings. Our economy and our lives depend on it.”