Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today issued the following statement on the Trump administration’s proposal to repeal the state and local tax deduction:

“To help pay for large tax cuts for the rich, President Trump wants to eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes that millions of middle-class Americans rely on. Paying for tax cuts for the rich on the backs of ordinary families isn’t an idea I can support.

“There’s no question the president’s proposal would hurt hardworking Californians. In our state, more than 6 million households claim the deduction, with an average deduction of $18,000. I was in Riverside County today where nearly 338,000 households claimed this deduction, 92 percent of which were middle-income families that could now see their taxes go up.

“Eliminating this deduction would raise taxes on almost 30 percent of American taxpayers, the vast majority of whom earn less than $200,000. Meanwhile, the Republican plan would significantly reduce taxes for the richest Americans, leaving everyone else to foot the bill.

“Republicans should abandon one-sided tax reform and work with the Democrats to pass bipartisan legislation that benefits everyone.”