Press Releases


Agency:  Federal Emergency Management Agency

Project Name:  Pasadena Emergency Operations Center Technology
Recipient:   City of Pasadena
Location:   100 North Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91109
Amount Requested:  $1,000,000

The City of Pasadena is constructing a consolidated emergency operations center to replace facilities that are undersized and do not meet seismic standards.  This funding will be used to assist the City in purchasing $1.5 million in technology necessary to handle an emergency, including radio and communications systems, and a dedicated generator and electric system to maintain power in the event of a disaster.  Given the high likelihood of a catastrophic earthquake in the region, this is a valuable use of funding because it will ensure that the City has a seismically-sound operations center where its emergency responders will be able to assist City residents in times of emergency.

Project Name:  Compton Emergency Operations Center

Recipient:   City of Compton
Location:   205 South Willowbrook Avenue, Compton, CA 90220
Amount Requested:  $1,000,000

The City of Compton is constructing an Emergency Operations Center to improve local law enforcement and first responder emergency management and preparedness capabilities.  The City is divided in half by the Alameda Corridor, one of the nation’s primary goods movement corridors.  Without this Center, an earthquake or other catastrophic event that caused the bridges over the Corridor to fail could leave emergency responders unable to access areas on the east side of the City.  This is a valuable use of funding because it will improve public safety and disaster response in one of the nation’s central economic and transportation hubs.  Compton also has agreements with surrounding cities for regional training in this facility.