Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement after the Senate confirmed the nomination of General Lloyd Austin to serve as President Biden’s secretary of defense:

            “I’m pleased to see the Senate has moved quickly to confirm General Lloyd Austin as President Biden’s secretary of defense. His experience within the department will allow him to quickly get to work leading our military and making wise investments that deter global aggressors.

            “General Austin has proven through his distinguished 41-year military career that he is extremely capable of confronting multiple complex challenges. After four years of tumultuous leadership under the Trump administration, our troops deserve no less than what General Austin can provide – a steady hand to lead them in the defense of our nation. Further, our allies whom we serve alongside deserve a partner who is stable and reliable.

            “General Austin’s confirmation as the first African-American secretary of defense is yet another barrier he’s broken in a distinguished career. I have every confidence that General Austin will be prepared to lead on day one and look forward to working with him in his new position.”