Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) released the following statement in response to a new book by former CIA directors defending the CIA’s detention and interrogation program:

“This book contains nothing new—it recycles the same comments from former CIA officials when the executive summary of the SSCI study of the CIA’s detention and interrogation came out last December.

“The vast majority of the book is literally reprints of pages of commentary that was published last December. The essays do not contradict the SSCI’s main conclusions: that these interrogation techniques were brutal and did not produce information that was not already obtained in more traditional and acceptable ways by intelligence and law enforcement personnel.

“The new book doesn’t lay a glove on the factual accuracy of the committee’s report, which remains the definitive word on the subject and which uses 6 million pages of the CIA’s own records as its foundation. Based on the comments by these former CIA officers in the new rebuttal, all of whom played key roles in the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, it is clear that they still have not read the report.

“As I’ve stated, the report is fact-based. The full report is more than 6,700 pages with nearly 38,000 footnotes. It’s time to acknowledge truthfully what was done, and then move forward with the strength and resolve to make sure that a program like this never happens again.”