Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), a senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, released the following statement on the nomination of Congressman John Ratcliffe to be the next director of national intelligence:

            “I’m very concerned about the president’s intention to nominate John Ratcliffe to be the next director of national intelligence. By law, this position requires ‘extensive national security expertise.’ Congressman Ratcliffe appears to lack the experience needed for the job.

            “Dan Coats, the current DNI, served eight years in the House, six years in the Senate and four years as ambassador to Germany. He has proved willing to stand up to President Trump and present analysis without regard to the president’s political desires.

            “Jim Clapper, his predecessor, spent decades in the intelligence community, including holding multiple leadership positions. His career was devoted to keeping our country safe.

            “By contrast, Congressman Ratcliffe has served for four years in the House and was mayor of a small town in Texas. This isn’t a learn-as-you-go position and shouldn’t be given out to political supporters.

            “The DNI is responsible for the direction and oversight of our nation’s 17 intelligence agencies and their combined budget in excess of $60 billion dollars. The director is tasked with ensuring the intelligence community provides timely, objective intelligence that is independent of political considerations and that our nation’s intelligence activities are consistent with our law and policy.

            “I look forward to receiving more information about this nominee and encourage my colleagues to follow this process closely.”