Press Releases

Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the White House appointment of four members to the Presidio Trust board of directors:

“I congratulate Nicola Miner, Lynne Benioff, Paula Collins and Janet Reilly, who have been selected to serve on the Presidio Trust board. The appointments today will open a new chapter in the history of a remarkable park.

“Janet Reilly, who is filling the position vacated by Bill Hambrecht, is an enormously competent individual who has served the City and County of San Francisco well. As past president and member of the Golden Gate Bridge Board of Directors, she has led that board through 12 years of sound administration. She is also the founder and current president of Clinic by the Bay, a free medical clinic in the Mission District. As a longtime resident of the City, she knows the history of the Presidio, appreciates its iconic status and will make it a place that every resident and visitor can enjoy—as the Presidio isn’t just for some people.

“I’d like to thank Chair Nancy Bechtle, Bill Hambrecht and Charlene Harvey for their leadership at the Presidio. Along with Toby Rosenblatt, they were part of the team that achieved the congressional mandate of running the Presidio in a manner that pays for itself. This is an accomplishment for which they should be commended, and I believe it sets a positive example for other parks in the future.”

Below is the list of the White House appointments announced today:

  • Janet Reilly – Member, Board of Directors of the Presidio Trust
  • Lynne Benioff – Member, Board of Directors of the Presidio Trust
  • Paula Robinson Collins – Member, Board of Directors of the Presidio Trust
  • Nicola Miner – Member, Board of Directors of the Presidio Trust