Press Releases

            Washington—Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the need for more coronavirus testing:

            “The coronavirus has the potential to spread quickly, reportedly even before symptoms are apparent. That means having the capacity to test anyone who thinks they may have the virus or may have been exposed to it is incredibly important to slow its spread.

            “Additionally, the inability to get tested will only make the uncertainty surrounding the virus worse, which will negatively affect not only public health, but also the economy.

            “Simply put, we need more tests and we need them now. That must be the focus of our efforts.

            “The CDC over the weekend admitted that the number of tests completed is lower than other countries. South Korea, for instance, has the capacity to test 15,000 people every day, and all testing is free. The United States shouldn’t be lagging behind other nations.

            “On Saturday, administration officials admitted they don’t know how many Americans have been tested for this virus or how many more will need to be tested in the weeks to come. That information is key to understanding more about the spread of this disease, and officials need to do a better job of coordinating the testing effort.

            “California last week wisely decided that public and private health care plans must cover the costs of coronavirus testing in the state. That’s a smart decision. No one should go untested because they can’t afford it. I renew my call for President Trump to replicate that action on a federal level and make all testing free.”